Oliver Barrett


I have a story… you have a story… everything and everyone has a story. The present moment, to me, is more profound and important.

I am simply energy in form; exploring what it’s like to be human and helping the universe in order to explore itself.

“Look towards your dreams. They are doors to our future... vibrations of our present... connections to our ancestors... to Self. This is where we live the other part of our lives!”

— Oliver Barrett


I could write a huge long bio… a story of my illusion of my own life’s illusion but I am not going to do that because its just simply not my style.

If our paths should create cause for us to interact on a more frequent or larger life platform of experience; then we will have plenty of time to explore the stories of our past and present lives together. Communicating more deeply by respecting and honoring each others stories through listening, sharing, expressed wisdom, and compassion.

Rather than some long drawn out story of past that is drafted over and over to try and move or shift your perception of me in a chosen and premeditated or specific way; I feel it best to just bullet some life facts in a general, basic and no fluff way, as I like to say. Just right to the point.

So if your reading this and still interested to know more see below.


I was born August 8th 1982 at 7:38am / I have always know this was one of many of my lives

I have had an “untreatable” neurological and immune disease since I was born / It gave me my greatest gifts “my personal practice, spirituality and the diminishment of fear”

I had an Awakening at 3 years old / I have created space and have been humbled by doing so for others during and after their awakenings

I was molested as a child / I was opened to a part of the human reality/condition at a young age and have since helped many others find a way through such experiences

I love the ocean / I found it to be my cleanse and calm

I started a “personal practice” at 7 years old / I have since guided other people on how to achieve a personal practice that resonates with them and have shared my knowledge and wisdom with anyone willing to listen

I love different cultures around the world / I have spent life exploring them and learning from them

I was living on my own / on the streets by 14 years old / I explored and got to see humanity in a different light

I am a nomad / It helps me to see the connection between all things

I went through phases of drug use / I explored a part of the illusion and came out the other side stronger and with a different mindset

I am a student of life / I continue to learn; listening to the messages and seeing the signs

I was rapped when I was older / I helped to protect others from this happening to them in this very situation that night and have worked with others to get through the effects of such experiences

I have loved / I have been loved

I have created and owned global companies since my 20’s / I got to see and be a helper of life around the world to obtain a better quality of life in the face of global and cultural challenges

I love the mountains / I found they are my determination and clarity

I have worked with many governments and countries / I got to experience the “good and bad” and be a major part in creating solutions and resolutions

I have been “poor” most of my life / I have been rich with living life not just existing 

I have done philanthropic work my entire life / I have used my life to be of service and have learned so much from the least expected moments and people

I welcome staying open to all possibilities / the “greater good” is strong

I will always keep a practice / many years has shown me many new forms of practice 

Last 6 years I have solely dedicated my time and energy to only practice and philanthropy / I found my peace and I do my best to share it with all that I encounter

I am a student of spirituality / I always will be; I continue to learn and receive

I love the stars / They are messages of existence

I love life / Life has loved me

Nomad • mind-body-Spirit wellness practitioner • Philanthropist
STUDENT OF LIFE & SPIRIT • a lover of life

breathe. listen. FEEL. MOVE. CONNECT.

See my Modalities page for service offings I provide.