Offering single focused and multi-modality sessions in 1-on-1 and group settings. Certain modalities are also offered at distance, online via video conferencing and TeleHealth sessions over the phone. New clients start with a consultation in order to both explore current conditions, ailments, questions, and concerns as well as understanding the modalities at their disposal for creating a unified plan for wellness.

Oliver Barrett believes and often talks about the importance of understanding, practicing and embodying multiple modalities and that it creates a tool box for living life. He offers sessions whenever and wherever he travels throughout the world each year.

*See modalities offered below. Check the Itinerary page to see when and where he will be next.


“Not all days is our human body, spirit body and energy body at the same resonance. Not all days, are we in the same environment. So then why should our practice be limited to only the same modality of practice for healing and understanding our conditions?”

“By building a personal practice with a “tool box” of modalities we can be playful and curious each day in order to better meet ourselves where we are at and with what feels right in each moment… to return to wholeness. This also assists in increasing the opportunity, ability, and rate at which to find ease in accepting the body’s condition, calming the monkey-mind, connecting to our spirit, exploring the universe, and unifying with our multi-dimensional consciousness… with our -”Self”.

– Oliver Barrett




Transform your connection and the relationship to all things as you know them. Offering private 1-on-1 session, group sessions or learning meditation from the very beginning; all it takes is “showing up”. During sessions there may be exploration of different types of meditation depending on information discussed during your consultations and to see what resonates most with you. Meditation practice will change your life.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions Online sessions for distance-learning about meditation




Bring more space into the body and your overall existence through learning how to listen and breathe into your body by responding and no longer reacting. By allowing your body to enter into an energetic space of physical, mental and spiritual alighnment. Yoga is not simply an exercise it is a way of life in which brings all levels of wellness back into your life.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions




We are constant vibrations. Imagine listening and feeling to a tone… a sound - “a vibration” that realigns your signature vibration both on a physical and spiritual level in order to assist you in getting back to your center. During session we will use a variety of sound instruments in order to break through barriers and bring you back to wholeness.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions




Life is always moving, always changing and has many distractions and never-ending illusion. Sometimes we all need guidance and support on understanding our life’s experiences and human-conditions. During session we will discuss anything that feel right to you and create a plan and develop tools for getting back to floating down the river of life and not fighting against it.

Offering Private 1-on-1, Group, Online, and TeleHealth Sessions (TeleHealth Sessions = On the Phone)




We are energy. Energy is life. All things are made up of energy. Through different energetic tools and modalities I offer your signature life force energy the ability to create and open new pathways in order to clear blockages, increase in strength, relieve tensions, mend ailments and expand the abilities to your light. Energy work is powerful and effective when the client is ready and willing to be open to such powerful healing. Whether we use light-touch, crystals, conscious practices or other tools we will explore what resonates with you. Revisit your light and let it shine!

 Offering Private 1-on-1, Group and Distance Sessions




Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are. Health is not just about fitness and what we do with our bodies. A huge part of health is what we put into our bodies… how we respect our bodies. During session we will discuss FoodHealth as well as PlantHealth. This is everyday medicine for a better quality living life and overall wellbeing. We will look at where you're at and what is affecting you as well as planning for better eating habits as well as natural herbal and plant remedies for any dis-ease you may be confronting in life. This is as much about psychology as it is about food and plants.

Offering Private 1-on-1, Group, Online, and TeleHealth Sessions (TeleHealth Sessions = On the Phone)




There exists a center channel of energy, of light and of universal connection of Self. In sessions we will explore this in order to not only open the door but to see in and through the doorway; then beginning to walk through it. We will connect to your light and flow into your channel in order to find wisdom from your ancestors, past lives and different dimensions for you to receive information to benefit your present moments in life.

 Offering Private 1-on-1, Group, Online, and TeleHealth Sessions (TeleHealth Sessions = On the Phone)




Movement and music seem to go together like peas in a pod, like peanut butter and chocolate; you get the idea. So let’s get moving! A FreeMovement session is where we allow ourselves to dive deep into our vibrational energy and energetic light source to allow the body to move and flow with various transcending, ancient, modern and healing music. There is no specific movements, only what you feel and how you are moved to move.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions