Oliver Barrett

Nomad • mind-body-Spirit wellness practitioner • Philanthropist

Breathe. Listen. Feel. Move. Connect.

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“It is important, so very important, that we seek the understanding to not understand but experience. Experience the embodiment of a single moment in a single spec of nonexistent “time”! The destination of it is not important but is the experiences along the way.

This is when it serves us to remember to be curious, to be playful, to be love, to just simply be ourselves. These I feel are great, boundless, and “no boarder” focuses for our energies to embody and ultimately lead us to the destination. I find compassion in what I knew without knowing and did without thinking when I was young. I feel this a key to actually living life and not just existing.

Don’t you sense a feeling of fun to experience life in complete presence and not knowing exactly how everything is going to happen or every thought has to make sense. My “message” and which I find it is of the utmost important to be our “message”. Never loose our inner child, our love, our playfulness or our curiosity. Be where we can just be ourselves and experience each moment and each other as it all unfolds. No more, no less.”

– Oliver Barrett


Be Curious.
Be Playful.
Be Love.
Be You.







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move. with intention and create space in your body


listen. with more than your ears


breathe. step out of the norm


feel. share the moments


connect. find self find center


connect. respect. protect. Heal.


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connect. respect. protect. HEAL.


Offering single focused and multi-modality sessions in 1-on-1 and group settings. Certain modalities are also offered at distance, online via video conferencing and TeleHealth sessions over the phone.


Transform your connection and the relationship to all things as you know them. Offering private 1-on-1 session, group sessions or learning meditation from the very beginning; all it takes is “showing up”. During sessions there may be exploration of different types of meditation depending on information discussed during your consultations and to see what resonates most with you. Meditation practice will change your life.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions Online sessions for distance-learning about meditation


Bring more space into the body and your overall existence through learning how to listen and breathe into your body by responding and no longer reacting. By allowing your body to enter into an energetic space of physical, mental and spiritual alighnment. Yoga is not simply an exercise it is a way of life in which brings all levels of wellness back into your life.

Offering Private 1-on-1 Sessions & Group Sessions


Life is always moving, always changing and has many distractions and never-ending illusion. Sometimes we all need guidance and support on understanding our life’s experiences and human-conditions. During session we will discuss anything that feel right to you and create a plan and develop tools for getting back to floating down the river of life and not fighting against it.

Offering Private 1-on-1, Group, Online, and TeleHealth Sessions (TeleHealth Sessions = On the Phone)



Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are. Health is not just about fitness and what we do with our bodies. A huge part of health is what we put into our bodies… how we respect our bodies. During session we will discuss FoodHealth as well as PlantHealth. This is everyday medicine for a better quality living life and overall wellbeing. We will look at where you're at and what is affecting you as well as planning for better eating habits as well as natural herbal and plant remedies for any dis-ease you may be confronting in life. This is as much about psychology as it is about food and plants.

Offering Private 1-on-1, Group, Online, and TeleHealth Sessions (TeleHealth Sessions = On the Phone)

Look towards your dreams. They are doors to our future... vibrations of our present... connections to our ancestors... and to our - “Self”. This is where we live the other half of our lives!
— oliver barrett
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